1. Keep all sharp objects that could tear or puncture materials clear of the TRP X-Cover™ surface.
2. Spread the TRP X-Cover™ over the load, large logo side toward the back of the pickup truck or trailer.
3. Attach hooks to rails, stake holes or other appropriate points in or on the pickup
truck/trailer bed, starting with the four corners. It is essential that the four corners
are secured for the TRP X-Cover™ to work properly. Attach the rear webbing hooks
to the back bumper or other appropriate and secure attachment points.
4. Cinch the webbing securely for each hook. Be careful not to exert too much pressure. While the heavy duty buckles are made to withstand substantial pressure, over-tightening could cause breakage. Tuck excess webbing securely inside the elastic bands.
5. Make sure each area of the load is secure before driving.
6. For long trips or extended use, from time to time make sure to check that all hooks and webbing are cinched snugly and that the TRP X-Cover™ is secure on the truck or trailer.

Care of your X-Cover™

Spray with a hose, then hang dry. If necessary, using cold water and a non-detergent powder soap, gently scrub soiled areas by hand using a non-abrasive sponge and rinse thoroughly. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Make sure the TRP X-Cover™ and its stuff sack are completely dry prior to storing.


Always inspect this product before use to ensure it will perform properly. If excess wear or any damage is evident from previous usage, replace immediately. Make sure the load is properly secured and complies with all applicable laws prior to covering with the TRP X-Cover. Follow instructions for use. Keep the TRP X-Cover away from flammable materials and heat sources. Remove any solvent, paint or other chemical or potentially corrosive or damaging substances immediately. The TRP X-Cover has been designed for a wide variety of common loads. The TRP X-Cover is not designed to stabilize or handle extremely heavy loads that can move around a pickup truck bed or trailer, transport improperly sealed hazardous chemicals or other products or loads that exceed 36” above the top of the carrying area. Wear safety eye-wear whenever loading or unloading. TRP X LLC, maker of the TRP X-Cover, is not responsible for any liability resulting from use of its products.

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